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Dutch artist DADARA presented in April and May an exhibition based on his
Greyman character. Greyman battles anything that deviates from his grey, dull
daily routine. He now goes on a mission to spread his grey-ness all over the world,
in an attempt to finally get rid off all that is fun , adventurous and creative.............

The 3D character of Greyman was exactly modeled to Dadara's specifications.
A great amount of energy was spent ensuring that the 3D model wouldn't end up
with a clinical look. To avoid this Dadara painted all the textures for all the models
used in the animation, and supervised the exact forms of dimensions of Greyman.

A special thanks goes to Mischa Smit, Harold Goldman and at Softimage support,
Justin and Chinney for getting this animation finished in time.................................

Dadara can be visited at his site www.dadara.com