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Inspired by Ben Liebrand

Over the years Ben Liebrand has proven to be a pioneer in the field of
DJ-ing, mixing and producing. Here are some quotes of the best in the
business about how they where inspired by Ben Liebrand to become DJ's

Armin is awarded with Best DJ Of The World for the 4th time in a row.
He also was so kind to mention me as his no.1 DJ choice

Armin states in an interview in Sept 2010:
As a DJ, Technically, Ben Liebrand outperforms me tenfold.

Armin van Buuren dedicates his No 1 DJ award to ......

Armin van Buuren

DJ Dano

René van der Weyde (TFX)


Tiësto (Tijs Verwest)

DJ Sandstorm

Mr Clavio

DJ Misjah

Michel de Hey

Martin Boer

Charly Lownoise

DJ Isaac

Hens Zimmerman

DJ Erwin

DJ Rinaldo

DJ Dwin

Guy Sweens


DJ Dano

Olav Basoski

Armin van Buuren

The Dutch School

Kozmik DJ

Ferry Corsten

Engineerz of Soul (J-Master)


Others, including Frank De Wulf, Dano Leeflang, DJ Tomaz & Yoogie van Bellen,
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